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Tabling at the AMC

The AMC features an exhibition area showcasing an exciting collection of book and zine distributors, non-profit and activist organizations, technology presentations, and art, films, music, and handmade crafts.

The exhibition area has capacity to host about three dozen tables and has wireless Internet access.

Tables for AMC2014 are sold out!  CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR TABLE.

Volunteer Roles


AMC ♥ volunteers!!!!

Volunteers get complimentary AMC registration, a free and special t-shirt, and an invitation to our big post-AMC celebration in July.


Here are the ways you can get involved:

Fundraising Strategies to Get You and Your Crew to the AMC

Every year we learn about new, inspiring hustles people have devised to get themselves and their communities out to Detroit for the AMC.  Many people stay in fundraising mode all the way through the AMC, printing and selling t-shirts and other merchandise on site.  We've collected some of the most awesome fundraising success stories and resources and grouped them into a few broad "models." For the best success, diversify your strategy by combining more than one model.  

Promote the AMC

One of the most important ways you can contribute to the Allied Media Conference is by helping spread the word to your friends, colleagues, and neighbors. Here are some tools to aid you in that cause.

Post & Publish

Post a link button to your website or blog:

Sponsors of AMC2011

Thank you to our sponsors. Sponsors contribute because they share our vision and want to see it grow through the Allied Media Conference. We offer sponsors a range of opportunities to reach AMC participants. Read our Invitation for Sponsoring Partnership (PDF) for AMC2011.

Please contact us to discuss our various sponsorship packages.