Are you a queer Muslim activist, artist, media maker and/or rabble rouser looking for a political home? We’re looking to co-create with you to build radical belonging for LGBTQI+ Muslims seeding liberatory futures centering care and expansive notions of Muslimness. Using results from Presencing Ourselves: A LGBTQI+ Muslims in the United States Survey, the largest survey of LGBTQI+ Muslims in the United States, we will be designing political strategies and getting deep practice through our abolitionist campaigns. Our Network Gathering will engage participants on issues such as gendered Islamophobia, the psychic and material toll of the surveillance militarized state, and strategies to combat the political and spiritual impacts of generations of occupation and the War on Terror. Participants will leave with a sense of deep belonging, frameworks for organizing, base building plans for action, and contribute to a unique approach to a queer Muslim politic that changes the material conditions of our lives.

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