Journalism has a strong tradition of liberatory, anti-colonial, and anti-racist practices, and truth-telling has always been a key part of movement strategy. The Journalism for Liberation Track will ground participants in the history of movement journalism, share skills and tools, and build community among journalists and media-makers committed to liberation. We will learn skills ranging from audio production and visual journalism to investigative journalism and radical TikTok, as we build communities of practice around decolonizing journalism, abolitionist journalism, and anti-racist journalism. Participants will come out of the track connected to a growing network of movement journalists and ready to throw down in the practice of journalism for liberation, centered in history, curiosity, and creativity. The Journalism for Liberation track is a collaboration between The Authority Collective, Migrant Roots Media, and Press On.

Call for participation:

To build structures and support for journalism that feeds movements for liberation, we need to cultivate community, make space for personal unlearning and transformation, and develop big visions with action steps to get there. We are seeking sessions on a variety of skills: harm reduction in movement photography, ethics of interviewing for movement journalists, and using TikTok and other apps for liberatory reporting are examples of what that might look like. We will also offer at least 1-2 presentations or panels that frame and provide historical context for movement journalism; and several caucus spaces for journalists working in specific fields or from specific identity locations. Finally, we know that one of the things journalism needs most right now is creativity: chances to vision, read and write poetry, make art, and dream big will be a thread throughout the Journalism for Liberation track, as will chances to build community.

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