The AMC is produced on stolen indigenous land named Waawiiyaatanong by the Anishinaabe. This land is currently governed by the 1807 Treaty of Detroit between the United States and the Odawa (Ottawa), Ojibwe (Chippewa), Wyandot, and Potawatomi nations. We honor their past, present, and future stewardship of these lands and waters, and stand in solidarity with native people throughout the Anishinaabe and Wyandot diasporas and across Turtle Island.

Detroit is a community of: indigenous people from many nations; refugees and immigrants; people brought by enslavement and the terror of Jim Crow; settlers and the descendants of settlers; and combinations of all of the above. Once known by the code name “Midnight” as the last stop on the Underground Railroad, we honor Detroit as the largest majority Black city in the United States with a long history of African Diasporic contributions. Detroit is also the U.S. city with the largest concentration of Arab Americans, a border city with historic and growing Latinx communities, and is influenced by the rich contributions of Asian-American communities and movements.