Save the date June 30 - July 03 2022

The Allied Media Conference

emerges out of 20 years of relationship-building across issues, identities, organizing practices and creative mediums. Since 1999, the AMC has been an incubator of imaginative media strategies in an effort to ignite social justice organizing and progressive ideas.

Detroit and Virtual

Meet the Crew

Ever wonder who helps make the AMC happen? What are their signs? What movement ancestor inspire them? A friendly chat with Mars and LIz, the people who work all year to convene and hold space for our incredible community.

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Propose a Track or Network Gathering for AMC2022!

Are you creating media, art, or technology to address injustice and advance holistic solutions towards liberation? Let’s connect. We invite you to co-create the 22nd Biennial Allied Media Conference (hosted by Allied Media Projects in Detroit and Online June 30th – July 3rd, 2022).


AMC 2020 Program Book Coming Soon!

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