AMC2022 will explore emerging futures at the intersection of art, technology, education, media, and visionary resistance/organizing. It features hands-on workshops, meet-ups for community-building, and epic sessions of strategizing and dreaming. The AMC also includes a 4-night festival (AMC@NIGHT) of performance art, film, food, and life-changing dance parties.

The Shape of AMC 2022 

The 22nd Allied Media Conference will be a hybrid conference. It will convene nationally online and curate a hyper-local, in-person convening for residents of Detroit, Metro Detroit, and communities throughout Michigan (occupied Anishinaabe, Peoria, and Meskwaki land) | June 30th – July 3rd, 2022.

We’re excited to organize new opportunities to support our national and international communities to participate in the virtual conference.

See more ASL videos about AMC here.

What does virtual participation look like?

AMC2022’s virtual container will be filled with the same dynamic, life-affirming, and transformative content you come to experience during the conference. From the opening ceremony to mind-blowing sessions to AMC@NIGHT performances, you can expect a conference experience rooted in care, accessibility, and joy. 

We’re excited to pilot AMCPods as an opportunity for you to gather with up to 10 of your closest comrades to experience the virtual conference together. Originally developed by Mia Mingus and the Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective, pods and pod-mapping are tools designed for community-based responses to harm.  Pods have since expanded to refer to the community that we can call upon in times where support is needed. 

We ask you to reflect – Where are my roots? Why is place-based organizing important? Which place(s) am I accountable to? How can I think globally but act locally in this moment of compounding global crisis for people and the planet? 

Look for more information about AMCPods this spring 2022.

What kinds of content will the AMC host online?

  • Tracks / sessions
  • Selected Network Gatherings convening online 
  • Plenary sessions
  • Ceremonies 
  • AMC@NIGHT virtual concerts and live DJ sets

What does participation look like in Detroit?

For the AMC, Detroit is important as a source of innovative, collaborative, low-resource solutions. The revolutionary movements of our city (historical and current) have guided the conference’s growth, mission, and values for over 15 years. As a participatory-design conference, we can’t imagine AMC2022 without relying upon the brilliance of Detroit. We are excited to co-create an in-person conference that centers and deepens the liberatory organizing and transformative vision of our community. 

What kinds of content will the AMC host in Detroit?

  • Selected Network Gatherings with a focus on Detroit organizing
  • All plenary sessions (also live-streamed online)
  • Opening and closing ceremonies
  • AMC@NIGHT parties at outdoor venues
  • Supper Clubs hosted by community members 

Where will the AMC be held in Detroit? 

  • Wayne State University and the Detroit Institute of Arts (tentatively). 

We have a vast reserve of ancestral and ecological technologies to remind us – this is not our apocalypse. Our communities will continue to survive, thrive, and adapt just as we always have. We hope future years offer us the opportunity to widely convene this beautiful, mycelial network of organizers and media-makers in person safely and responsibly.

As always, we encourage you to contact us to share any feedback and questions.