AMC2020 Tee

Magenta & yellow print AMC2020 T-shirt

Sizes run slightly large. If you want a form-fitting look, consider ordering a smaller size than usual


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Pleasure Activist Tincture

Sensuous pleasure, softness, yumminess.


DO WHAT FEELS GOOD. take 4-18 delicious drops daily or as desired. place drops directly on tongue, in water, tea, on stones, in your bath, in your hair. enjoy alone, in community, with lovers. may it awaken desires, invite orgasms of body, mind, and spirit, and rock you in remembering that justice work is pleasure work is liberation work.


Essences of honey rose, wild ginger, tulip poplar, rainbow shower tree, opal, rhodochrosite, carnelian, dolphin love, hot springs, northern lights, honeybees in spring water and honey brandy.


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AMC2020 1” button pack

5 full color 1” buttons, each with a different image inspired by media-based organizing


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AMC2020 Glow in the dark poster

18”x24” limited edition violet and yellow print on orange paper, with a glow-in-the-dark surprise


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Boundaries in a Bottle Tincture

Radiant protection, clearing, and grounding.


A witchcrafted spray for radiant protection, clearing, and grounding. Spritz yourself with this radical magic any time you need assistance in asserting or maintaining your boundaries.


Created with essences of yarrow, spider full moon, rosemary, echinacea, cedar, black tourmaline, citrine, smoky quartz, snowflake, obsidian, stone circle & salt. Essential oils of pine & cedar.”


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