Coordinators: Liz Kennedy, brontë velez, Stormy Saint-Val, Jazmín Calderón Torres,  Tricia Hersey

Born from afro-diasporic and christian spiritual traditions and forged in the horrors of bondage, “homegoings” are a uniquely black american cultural rite to celebrate the end of life, ease transition to the next world, and provide refuge for the living. How can we explore homegoings as an afrofuturist tradition toward generating love, time and fugitivity in the midst of grieving COVID-19, climate apartheid, and persistent state-sanctioned violence against black people? How can ritual, ceremony, and rest aid us in alchemizing grief? And as we gather in the collective death doulaship and wake work needed of these times, what new world will we birth? We will conjure these questions together through Lead to Life’s black eco-feminist prophetic practice.

As a collective of queer artists, Lead to Life transforms guns into shovels and other life-affirming tools through public alchemy ceremonies, and uses those shovels to lead tree plantings and ecological restoration projects at sites impacted by violence. We work alongside predominantly black communities who have lost loved ones to police terrorism, environmental racism, and gun violence.

Financial Solidarity

We request financial solidarity from non-Black folks and reparations from our white comrades joining us. We are requesting a sliding scale between $50-$600 to support the organizers and costs of this event. Please donate by visiting

The cost of participation is $50 for non-black folks. For black folks who are able to financially contribute, please donate by visiting

Call for Participation

This is a two day virtual event. Part 1 is from 11am-2pm EST on Friday, June 24th, and is open only to black people and folks in the black diaspora. Friday’s session will be co-facilitated by our incredible Nap Bishop, Tricia Hersey of the Nap Ministry!

Part 2 is from 11am-2pm EST on Sunday, June 26th, and is open to all AMC attendees and Detroit residents, with QTTBIPoC (Queer, Trans, Two-Spirit, Black, Indigenous, People of Color) at the center. We invite you to bring plantcestors/gifts/altar offerings/herbal allies/benevolent ancestors/grief that seeks rest.

Register for one or both sessions here:


For more information reach out to Liz Kennedy at