Coordinators: Sage Crump and Melinda Lee

Emergent Strategy is shaping the way movements think about and go about transforming the world we live in. This Network Gathering will bring together movement leaders that we have been working with over the course of several years to engage in strategic conversations that weave together their work. This will begin to clarify the cultural fabric that Emergent Strategy is creating which will allow us to grow our accountability, identify gaps and make visible our collective direction. Emergent Strategy helps us wrestle with the complexity of what it means to support the envisioning of a just world and the kinds of critical connections needed to allow its fruition. While this gathering uses the lens of Emergent Strategy, it is an attempt to decentralize Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute as the holder of these integral relationships and grows a rooted system to build multiple connections.


This Network Gathering is invitation only. For more information contact Melinda Lee at