Coordinators: Anne Cong-Huyen, Naomi Silver, Veronica Paredes, George Hoagland, and Hong-An (Ann) Wu

How can feminist technologists take things not made for us then break them and rebuild for sustainable surviving futures? FemTechNet will address this question by facilitating collective and community-based teaching and learning to increase the agency of groups who have been excluded from histories of technology. We will  investigate methods for valuing the affective labor necessary to make technology work in these precarious times — work we began in our AMC 2017 and 2018 Network Gatherings. We look forward to using our time together to plan future online and offline cooperation based on the mutual interests of the group. Through active conversations and collaborations with like-minded communities at AMC, our goal is to generate new feminist knowledge about technology in order to build, repair, and care for the world we need.

Call for Participation

Want to take things not made for you, break them, and rebuild them for sustainable surviving futures? Our Network Gathering provides an opportunity for feminist technologists, killjoys, nerdy rainbow unicorns, misfits, the undisciplined, the ungovernable, and curious parties to come together so we can make vulnerable and genuine connection with one another to sustain the difficult, yet joyful, work to build, repair, and care for the world we need. 

Network Gathering participants will have an opportunity to share projects, form community and co-working alliances, share joy, and leave with embodied support by sharing physical space. Bring that shiny new project you love or that glimmer of a beautiful idea that came to you in a dream. Perhaps you’re looking for inspiration, a cause to commit to, or some partners in creation — FemTechNet is here for you, too! 

We will hold space for a kind word, another set of eyes, an honest response, and brilliant minds to think with — you choose how you wish to collaborate with others and receive feedback. Our goal is to rethink our strategies and tactics of world-making with and through technologies for these precarious times by centering the knowledge of those who make-do with whatever technologies they have on hand.

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Questions? You can reach us at askscram AT gmail DOT com.