Coordinators: Mon Mohapatra, and Marlene Ramos

We are a growing chorus of organizers throughout the country committed to stopping jail expansion. Our campaigns are at a critical point in fighting against the next frontier of carceral reforms, many of which are disguised under the liberal banners of “community,” “service-based” and “humane.” Reforms such as community policing, mental health jails, and diversion courts pour more resources and guarantee the future of policing and imprisonment. While our campaigns have been responsive to misguided ‘reformist reforms,’ we have enacted transformative visions for community safety and captivated the social imagination for the abolitionist world we want.

Call for Participation

This network gathering will birth a new shared space for strategic coordination and collaboration for cross-national organizers with their visions set towards a national moratorium on jail expansion, along the horizon of the abolition of the Prison Industrial Complex. This network gathering is a convening for campaigns that call for systemic-wide changes, including public transit, housing, environmental pollution, health care, and education, as well as disability, gender, and racial justice. We work towards tearing down our isolation through creative inside-outside organizing strategies, such as mutual aid and political education projects, commissary, and bail-outs. We are coming together at AMC 2020 to share our successes for building power, revisit our strategies, and deepen our analysis. Through this network gathering, we hope to create a platform for communication and grow our movement with an eye towards a national moratorium on jail building.


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