Coordinators: Veronica Garcia, Leah E. Olm, Allen Kwabena-Frimpong, and Jocelyn Wong

What becomes possible when we stop “asking for money” and develop strategies to reclaim community wealth and practice cooperative resource mobilization for movement-building? We will explore wealth reclamation — an opportunity to transform traditional fundraising and charitable giving to mirror social justice movement values of equity, justice, healing, and reparations. Our process will emphasize cultivating trusting relationships with one another; finalizing an agenda that builds power and unifies us in our movement role; and strengthening our growing network of practice through storytelling, case studies, and interactive discussions. Participants will gain valuable relationships; a stronger understanding of and connection to their movement roles; and concrete ways to ensure that fundraising, resource mobilization, and community wealth building strategies are in alignment with principles of reciprocity, abundance, and collaboration. Participants will join a national network of resource mobilizers, fundraisers, movement builders, and radical philanthropists operating in solidarity with communities organizing for liberation.

Call for Participation

We seek to host resource mobilizers and grassroots fundraisers who are actively organizing money, relationships, and other community assets to: (1) be responsive to community needs, and (2) nurture social justice movement-building. Because of space and capacity constraints, this network gathering is limited to invited participants who will be selected by application. Apply by Friday, March 20, 2020 at:


Please contact Veronica Garcia at with any questions