Coordinators: Julia Cuneo, Matt Homrich-Knieling, Savannah Gale, Kaitlin Popielarz, and N’Kenge Robertson

What would education justice look like if it were created by youth and educators in collaboration? We will gather online in small groups to explore ideas of youth liberation and school abolition in order to deepen our understanding and practice of radical pedagogy. We will be joined by youth leaders, school and university teachers and staff, and community organizers and educators involved in education justice work. We will build on our understanding of the limitations of schooling and the possibilities of abolitionist teaching through reflection, dialogue, and action planning. Participants will leave with a transformed understanding of education justice, meaningful communities of practice across the country, and new skills for enacting abolitionist teaching.

Call for Participation

For many educators, students, and youth organizers, any effort to transform the current education system can feel overwhelming, isolating, and fruitless. We can often end up fighting each other over minor differences in ideology instead of taking on the daunting task of radically reimagining education. Like many cities across the US, Detroit schools have faced decades of disinvestment, leading to the grassroots creation of a constellation of alternatives that bridge the gap between learning and community.

In collaboration with the Allied Media Conference, we invite leaders in the fight for youth liberation across the country to convene in our digital space to envision a framework for education justice crafted through intergenerational collaboration. The three day gathering will include dialogue around love, joy, healing, and what it could look like to move towards school abolition in our pursuit of education justice.


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