Interpretive services are available for this session upon request.

What does it mean to plant seeds across the Diaspora; growing and extending ourselves towards liberated futures? The Dialects of Decolonization (DOD) Network Gathering will be an intentional space to reunite members of the first DOD, a six-month healing project imagined by the Center for Embodied Pedagogy in Action (CEPA). We will use this time to gather our transnational pod network from known and unknown lands, including Borikén (the big island of Puerto Rico), Mnisota (Minnesota), ko Hawai’i pae’āina (Hawaii), Lenapehoking (New York), Ohlone Territory (California), and Waawiyatanong (Detroit), to reflect, experience, and plan for a decolonized future that we are building together. Participants will have space to connect with other pods through decolonial ritual and activity, collectively reflect on the process and practices of Dialects of Decolonization since our last gathering, share healing practices, and co-create actionable steps for decolonization and land back movements.

This two-day gathering is a closed session for participants of the 2020-21 Dialects of the Decolonization process.

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