Interpretive services are available for this session upon request.

How many Bangladeshi Documentary filmmakers do you know by name? Even though Bangladeshis have been pioneering liberatory story-telling through indigenous rituals, poetry, folk songs, and cinema for decades, they have been invisibilized from the dominant global narrative in media. Stories of Bangladeshi people have been extracted through a colonial gaze for creative success and profit by western artists in countless photo-books, films, and documentaries. Meanwhile, Bangladeshi storytellers were left with no support and resources to tell their own stories. This is a space for Documentary Filmmakers from Bangladeshi Diaspora to come together to build community, learn from one another and collectively explore a liberatory pathway to move from scarcity to abundance of creative resources. This space will center the voices of all marginalized identities within the Bangladeshi community, i.e: indigenous, undocumented, LGBTQ+ and womxn identified Documentary makers and leaders. Participants will leave with a strong network of Bangladeshi documentary filmmakers they can lean on and build together with.