Our Resource Mobilizer network is a fast-growing community of practice that challenges the politics and practices of fundraising. We are nonprofit employees, independent contractors, donors, volunteer organizers, social justice activists and advocates, radical philanthropists, and all kinds of other everyday people actively pursuing a more equitable and just distribution of resources to support intersectional movement-building. We agree that asking for money is not a practice that supports the liberation, justice, or equity our movements are dreaming of.

Our gathering continues exploring the emerging field of ‘Wealth Reclamation’ and ‘Resource Mobilization’ strategies, to democratize philanthropy. Gathering participants will experiment with ways to bring grassroots fundraising, resource mobilization, and community wealth-building strategies into alignment with principles of reparations, healing, and collaboration.

Together, we will:
+ Deepen our political education on the Just Transition framework and our own self-awareness as Resource Mobilization practitioners,
+ Cultivate and nurture relationships between network participants, and
+ Develop our collective power as Resource Mobilizers through a variety of interactive and facilitated activities.

Please contact Veronica Garcia at veronica[@]reclaimcommunitywealth.org for more information.