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South Asian and Indo-Caribbean organizers who are mobilized around the issues of equity in the community, this movement gathering space is for you. We are the political home for South Asians who are allied in the fight against intractable systems of oppression from battles against caste, immigration, religious extremism, and gender based violence. Attendants of this gathering will learn about base-building, campaign strategy, intersectional approaches of collaboration including an opportunity to build and engage with other South Asian power building chapters across the country. Through this movement building network gathering organizers will understand the strength of collective support and will be empowered in the South Asian movement.

Call for Participation

Equality Labs will be hosting a day long Virtual Network Gathering at the Allied Media Conference on July 1, 2022. This gathering is for South Asian and Indo-Carribean organizers and social change agents who are mobilized around the issues of equity in our communities. Our vision for this gathering is to build the South Asian movement and support organizers who are allied in the fight against the rising tides of religious fundamentalism and fascism.

We are a transnational organization centered on the rights of South Asian caste, queer, and religious oppressed minorities. We work at the intersection of political organizing, community-based participatory research, socially-engaged arts, and digital security. As the first organization in the US to work on the issue of caste, Equality Labs centers the leadership of South Asian minority groups in the ongoing redefinition of South Asian identity in America. Our membership includes Dalits (formerly known as the “Untouchable” caste in India), Adivasi (indigenous), Muslim, Buddhist, and Christian South Asians who live on the margins of mainstream South Asian culture.

This is an invitation only event. If you have any questions, you may contact Tasha[@]