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What have we been learning about what it takes to build a just, vibrant and joyous multiracial democracy free from white supremacy, racism, and antisemitism, especially since our last Network Gathering at AMC 2020? As Jews and allies to Jews in this political time, we understand that the system of white supremacy is coming after all of us and our peoples, some more directly than others, but with a strategy that uses each of us as a wedge, weapon, and distraction from the solidarity we need. What have we been doing to throw sand in the gears of this system? How has it been to be more and more public with this fight? How are we supporting each other, backing one another, and building the momentum we need for our collective liberation to be realized?

Tzedek Lab is a multiracial national network of Jews and allies, political educators, organizers, spiritual leaders, and cultural workers established to build collective competency to better politicize, transform, and inspire the Jewish community into collective action against racism, antisemitism, and white supremacy. Our Network Gathering will bring together our existing and growing network: practitioners from across Turtle Island who are working at the intersections of dismantling white supremacy, racism, and anti-semitism, grounded in our diverse experiences and identities as Jews and allies of various backgrounds. Our goals are to welcome new members into our network, weave, and thicken relationships for the times to come, dive into the sticky and juicy conversations that impact our organizing together, and deepen our relational movement culture together. Individuals will leave with a renewed connection to the collective power of this growing network; with learning partners and an intentional community of practice with other political educators, organizers, spiritual leaders, and/or artists & cultural workers; and with tools and resources for strengthening their local work fighting white supremacy, white nationalism, racism, and antisemitism in our broad Black and Indigenous-led movement for collective liberation.

The shape of our gathering is in formation. We will likely come together in regional/local groups, welcoming all existing Tzedek Lab members and inviting all people interested to join for the long haul by application tba. Check back at our website for when our Network Gathering/Join Tzedek Lab application goes live!


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