With many of its first roots at the AMC, Emergent Strategy has been in the world in book form for 5 years. This track will explore the myriad of ways the principles and elements of Emergent Strategy have been used to transform the ways we think about and make change. Together we will share, learn and adapt to find new questions within Emergent Strategy and fashion a way forward. We will call for a series on proposed workshops in various sectors to see what questions emergent strategy is asking of us in this current context. Each day we will have a session. Some led by Emergent Strategy facilitators. Some led by folks in the field. As a total offering we hope to make more evident that workings, alignments and tensions of movement ecosystems.

Call for session proposals:

Are you actively practicing emergent strategy as an organizing principle in your change work? We want to know how you have been experimenting and learning. Would you like to offer a workshop on your practices and questions in ES? We are particularly interested in experiments, theater, climate, land, education, organizational development and healing. Sessions should be interactive and have a clear political analysis. We prioritize local experiments but also welcome translocal proposals.

Contact Lead organizer:

 sage [@] alliedmedia.org