In different corners of our planet, we are seeing vibrant networks and coalitions organizing against surveillant, carceral, and colonial technologies and the institutions that support them and creating a world in which all individuals and groups can experience belonging, feel safe, be healthy, and communicate and move freely. We use the term tech abolition to describe these efforts, since they’re focused on refusing, resisting, and dismantling technologies–and the institutions behind them–that profile, racialize, criminalize, imprison, and punish us. In this track, we invite organizers, artists, agitators, and more to share tools, creative practices, strategies, and visions for overcoming tech abolition’s biggest obstacles.

What kind of sessions are we looking for?

We are calling for online sessions for the Allied Media Conference, which will take place online June 30th – July 3rd, 2022. We especially welcome proposals that focus on three areas of interest:

  • Demystifying carceral technologies
  • Exploring community organizing against carceral tech
  • Rethinking community safety and health
  • During the Abolish Carceral Tech track, we aim to cultivate durable organizing infrastructures that thrive from connections between artists, media-makers, and organizers from different contexts and countries to contribute to cross-context movement building. The sessions will mainly take place online.

Tips on good session proposals:

As a reminder, AMC has some basic guidelines, which you can read here:

What we, your session organizers, offer:

Session organizers can expect session design, facilitation, and logistical support, as well as a small budget for speaker stipends.

Contact lead organizer:

seeta [@]