In this track we will access queer sanctuary through printed media and digital realms to celebrate the makers who steward that type of experience. We will highlight the work of radical publishers/libraries, the artists and writers they work with, and become more familiar with their archives. We will explore how sanctuary can be accessed, experienced and protected within our imaginations and birthed into the temporal realm through media + art making. Participants will be introduced to creators that are making this kind of liberatory work, as well as resources to art making activities that cultivate life affirming joy. Our sessions will be held virtually and in person for accessibility and folks who will be joining us from outside of Detroit.

Call for session proposals:

This track aims to bring together and uplift the artists and care workers whose practice inspires joy and pleasure, promotes safety and wellness, offers release and accountability; as we believe these are essential to further our personal and collective liberation. We invite Queer, Trans, Non-Binary, Femme, Masc, Two-Spirit and Gender Variant makers, curators, publishers and printers to join us as we explore our capacity to cultivate sanctuary through our craft and our care.

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