In this time of culture wars, it’s never been more important to build cultural power for collective liberation. This track will explore how organizers, artists, culture keepers, educators and storytellers are changing the rules of society by joyfully and boldly shifting worldviews. In this track you will learn how cultural strategy, cultural organizing and narrative interact to help create the world we envision. Participants will play and practice, experiment and learn from local, regional, national and global models for narrative and cultural strategies. We will find community and collaborators who are transforming culture for the liberation of our communities.

Call for session proposals:

Are you practicing cultural or narrative strategy for collective liberation? Are you expanding the boundaries of what the future holds, how we relate, or how we organize? Can you show us how you’ve built power, addressed harm, reclaimed narratives or shifted worldviews? We are welcoming proposals that honor multiple identities and experiences as a source of power, knowledge and vision. Your proposal should describe how old/new practices of arts and cultural organizing, narrative and cultural strategy can guide, invigorate, fortify and embolden our organizing, and include a description of what you plan to do and what participants should leave with. Please provide examples of the work you are currently doing, from grassroots organizing through arts and culture, to cultural strategies for social movements, to pop culture change strategies, and more.

Contact lead organizer:

evanbissell [@]