Call for session proposals:

The state of the world increasingly requires that we build capacity to hold space for the creation of newer, freer futures. This track will map our collective resources and abundance, take stock of our existing knowledge-networks from our community with others, and build out strategies to heal ourselves through intentional self-empathy and personal accountability. We will center the work of restorative justice through a focus on naming and dismantling racial trauma in our interior lives and broader communities. The practice, design, and content of the space will reflect, with our best efforts, our politics of disability justice, racial justice, gender liberation, and challenge all forms of oppression. 

The track will connect participants to an expansive network of abolitionists, healers, thinkers, and practitioners. Participants will leave the Track with specific tools to integrate collective self-healing practices into their work. We will have met our goals if we can transform the fears, anxieties, uncertainties, and suppositions about the inevitability of trauma and harm into new modes of political imagination, tactics for surmounting pre-written self-belief narratives, and models for community-based service that works to heal all those we encounter.

Call for Participation:

Attendance at the Reclaiming our Dreams, Healing our Futures Track will be open to participants as outlined below. We will come together, rooted in our collective power with humility and curiosity to figure out how, in this political moment, to be prepared, to support our communities toward healing and liberation. We will explore Black Feminist and Queer Feminist principles centering those who are most vulnerable.

In this track, we will be mapping the modes of healing which best serve us through communal sharing of ancestral practices such as working with earth medicine, somatic tools (breath work, meditation, Reiki, etc.), and other non-western forms of healing. We will also work through trauma journeys via autobiographical writing, space and place exercises, and introspective self-work. This Track is not a Healing Justice 101 or “Carefree Black Girl” self-care space — we’re convening folks who have been working in the healing justice space for an extended period of time with deep community accountabilities and established histories of transformative work. Strong individual healing practices rooted in specific communities or lineages are welcome as well.

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