“All that you touch You Change.
All that you Change, Changes you.
The only lasting truth is Change.
God is Change.”

-Octavia Butler, Parable of the Sower

Shaping Change is the General track for AMC2022. Together, we’ll explore: How are we as media-makers and organizers shaping more just and creative worlds? As we shape change, how is our liberation work shaping us? What strategies, modalities, and mediums can we share to collectively shape change together? If this sounds like content that you and your collaborators are producing or organizing around, consider proposing a session for Shaping Change.

Do you have a session idea that’s amazing but doesn’t fall within any of these themes or the themes of the other Tracks at AMC2022? It still belongs at the AMC! Propose a hands-on session, strategy session, community meetup, panel, presentation, film screening, or performance in Shaping Change. All sessions fall under the themes of “Media for Liberation” and “Visionary Organizing.”

Call for Session Proposals

What kinds of sessions are “media for liberation?”

Media for liberation sessions are those that contextualize, advance and explore all forms of media, or all the ways in which we communicate with the world: art, technology, design, storytelling, journalism, and more.

They may explore big questions like…

  • How will we build new liberatory media systems out of our current toxic media environment?
  • How will we connect with other humans and understand divergent perspectives through our media?
  • What organizing methods and technologies will facilitate movements across borders?
  • How can we circumvent surveillance and build cultures of consentful technology?
  • What is the role of media in community accountability and transformative justice?
  • What ancestral technologies can we draw from to shape the future?
  • How do we disrupt systems of harm and heal from trauma through media?
  • What kinds of storytelling will help us see the other worlds that are possible and happening inside of and beyond the dominant nightmare?

What kinds of sessions are “visionary organizing?”

Visionary organizing sessions are those that grow our organizing capacity to envision and create a world in which we care for ourselves, each other, other species, and the planet; dismantle supremacist systems as they operate upon us and within us; assume responsibility for creating new liberatory ways of being, and; cultivate life-affirming joy.

They may explore big questions like…

  • Who are the movement ancestors who defined visionary organizing?
  • How does visionary organizing relate to resistance-based movements?
  • How can we harness our collective creative capacity to imagine life-affirming alternatives to oppressive systems?
  • How can we model, through our organizing, the world in which we want to live?
  • What are the new narratives that will allow us to expand our imaginations beyond what currently exists, while dispelling harmful narratives?
  • What is our magic?

Ready to submit? The AMC uses Submittable as a platform to gather proposals. Take some time to create an account if you don’t already have one and select  “Shaping Change” as the Track you want to submit under. Remember to submit your form before February 9th, 2022 at 11:59 EST.