The youth liberation track will explore the insights and lessons of educators and youth organizers across the country who imagine and take action towards school abolition in the midst of ongoing crises. By rising up and working together to build alternative modes of support, growth, and learning, youth organizers and their communities have shown that schools are both obsolete and oppressive institutions, and there is a better path forward. This track will engage educational communities through caring, liberation, and abolitionist values. Participants will expand their community networks, skills, and knowledge of youth-centered organizing to cultivate transformative intergenerational power for education justice and school abolition.

Call for session proposals:

What would a world of youth liberation and education justice look like? How are we already building it? The Youth Liberation and Education Justice track seeks workshop proposals that imagine radical, youth-centered solutions that move us towards school abolition and explore what lessons we have learned from the COVID-19 pandemic. We invite educators, youth, and education organizers to share real-life practices to create a world without schooling, build the collective power of youth and educators, and share stories of mobilizing that power both inside and outside of schools.

Contact lead organizer:

 juliascuneo [@]