Online Accessibility Information

Learning from Disability Justice and Climate Justice practices, we’ve created a conference experience that allows people to participate entirely from the comfort of their own homes. The Opening Ceremony, Plenaries, Closing Celebration, and AMC at Night will be streamed online where our local Detroit community will have the option to attend in-person. All sessions will take place online only. Please visit the 2022 AMC Conference Portal to stream the events, sign up for sessions, and connect with folks you share interests with. 

Language Access: This year, we are working with Accessible Integrated Media for all of our language and communication accessibility. ASL, CART, & Spanish interpretation will be available for the Opening Ceremony, Plenaries, and Closing Celebration. The AMC at Night will be streamed live with ASL interpretation.  

ASL, CART, & Spanish interpretation will be available for sessions upon request. All sessions will have automated captioning. Sessions already scheduled with access supports will be indicated on the session schedule. To request ASL, CART, and Spanish interpretation for sessions, please fill out the AMC Access Service Request Form by June 17, 2022. We will do our best to fulfill day-of requests. Visit this YouTube playlist of videos in ASL to learn more about anti-racist interpreting at the AMC. 

Network Gathering Accessibility: Please note that due to the diversity and range of each gathering, the accessibility of network gatherings is the responsibility of the organizers. Please contact the network gathering organizers directly to request any access. Most network gatherings will happen online aside from a few hyperlocal groups gathering. 

Help Desk: Please visit the conference website to contact the help desk and chat with online AMC staff and online volunteers who can support your access needs. 

Spectral Slumber Mixtape: Wherever you are participating from, and whatever your embodied needs, we hope that these offerings will support your grounding, your joy, and your renewal! These playlists will also be available as a community care resource after the conference. 

Additional Online Accessibility info!

COVID-19 Policies

Please review our COVID-19 Community Care Policies before attending any in person events. 

Summary: Masks are required for all in person events hosted at Marygrove College. Proof of vaccination and/or a negative COVID-19 test are required to attend all AMC at Night events.  

In-Person Accessibility Information

Traveling by Bus: 

Transit App: If you plan to travel to the conference events by the DDOT bus, we recommend downloading TransitApp. This will help you plan your routes with accurate, real-time information that will adjust to evening and weekend bus schedules. We’ve outlined bus routes below, but please confirm these routes will be running during your travel time. Google Maps can assist you getting around too. 

Marygrove College (8425 W McNichols Road): Buses that stop along this route are the McNichols bus (32) and the Wyoming bus (54). Both of these buses stop at the corner of McNichols (Six Mile) and Wyoming. The McNichols bus stops directly in front of the campus. The Dexter bus (16) can also be taken to Curtis St & Cherrylawn, where passengers must travel about 5 blocks to reach campus. Please note, these routes may be impacted on Sundays.

Eastern Market (2462 Riopelle Street): The Gratiot bus (6) stops on the corner of Gratiot & Russell and runs all night. People must travel about 5 blocks to reach the main party area. Please be careful when crossing Gratiot. While the Russell bus (40) stops closest to the party, it stops running between 7-8pm.  

MOCAD (4454 Woodward Ave): The Woodward bus (4) stops directly in front of the museum and runs all night. Visitors will access the step-free entrance off of Garfield street. 

Marygrove College Accessibility

Marygrove College is located in Detroit’s Northwest side at 8425 W McNichols Road, Detroit, MI 48221. All planned programming will take place at the Madame Cadillac Building and the Theater Building. Both buildings are on the right side of the campus as you enter off of 6 Mile Road (W. McNichols Road) and sit across from each other. It takes about 2 minutes to travel from the entrance of one building to the other. 

In Person Communication Access: We will have a screen displaying the same ASL interpretation available online at the in person conference. Space closest to this screen will be reserved for people using this form of access. A number of ASL interpreters will be available during the in person event. 

To request additional access support if you plan to attend in person programming, please email We will do our best to support day-of requests. We will have an in person accessibility coordinator, Ani, on staff as well as dedicated access volunteers for the duration of our weekend together.

Accessible Parking: 

There are 3 areas of accessible parking near the buildings we will be using. There are 3 spaces to the right of the Madame Cadillac building closest to the accessible entrance. There are 3 left of the Madame Cadillac building across from the Student Center. There are 4 accessible van spaces across from the entrances to the theater. The driveway in front of the Madame Cadillac building will be free for drop off/pick up, and where staff can assist visitors find the best parking for them. 

Accessible Entrances: 

There are two entrances into the Madame Cadillac building. The ramp entrance with automatic door buttons is to the left as you face this building. The other entrance has 7 steps.  

There are two entrances to the Theater directly across from the Madame Cadillac building. One is ramped and the other has 3 steps. They are right next to each other.    

Accessible Routes: All accessible parking spaces connect to paved paths with curb cuts. Once inside, all routes within the Madame Cadillac building are stair-free. The smallest door widths measure 32 inches. Staff and signage can assist guests find their way and a comfortable space to attend the events.

Room Setup – Madame Cadillac: Plenaries hosted in this building (Thursday & Friday) will take place in the Theresa Maxis Alumnae Hall. This room has large windows providing natural light and polished wooden floors. Its large size and high ceiling does produce a bit of an echo. Speakers will be instructed to use microphones. Visit Marygrove’s online tool at the bottom of this page for a 3D tour of the room. 

The front half of the room (closest to the speakers) will have rows of chairs set up. The back of the room will have 8 inch round tables and chairs set up for people who prefer this seating. Two TV screens will be set up, one streaming the same ASL interpretation guests tuning in from home will be viewing. Upon entry, please let staff or access volunteers know if you’d like assistance finding the best seat for you near the access you may need. 

Madame Cadillac Restrooms: There are two sets of restrooms in the Madame Cadillac building to the left and the right once you enter the building. These will be gender neutral during the AMC where signage will describe what equipment is available. There is an accessible stall in each restroom. The set of restrooms to the right of the entrance has a small lounge with two couches and two tables. At this time, Marygrove does not have baby changing stations in either bathroom.  

Room Set Up – The Theater: On Saturday & Sunday we will be using a limited area within the Theater building. There is a small lobby area upon entry where guests enter the theater to the right. Due to the small size of the lobby, we ask that guests do not linger but find their seats inside the theater or stay outside until they are ready to come in. 

The Theater has fixed seating where a section of a row in the back of the middle have been removed to create space for guests using wheelchairs. Visit Marygrove’s online tool tor a 3D tour of the theater.  

Theater Restrooms: There is a single stall gender neutral accessible restroom on the right side between the double doors entering the theater. There are an additional set of gender neutral restrooms to the left of the theater lobby up the 8 steps or by using the chair lift. We ask that guests who do not need the accessible restroom inside of the theater’s double doors use the restroom up the steps/chair lift and keep the accessible restroom free for people requiring this access.   

Youth Programming: There will be a Youth Arts space and Childcare space available at both the Madame Cadillac Building and the Theater. Childcare is available during the Plenaries and Ceremonies. You will be required to fill out an enrollment form on site asking basic information about your child, their needs, and any allergies.    

Air Flow: This campus was built in 1905 and does not have air conditioning. However, due to the materials used and direction of the sun, the building naturally stays relatively cool.

Scent-free policy: We ask guests attending any in person events to refrain from using any scented products. We will have unscented soap available for use and ask that if you are wearing a strong scent, you use this soap to rinse where you can. For more information on tips and tricks to go scent free, visit the Fragrance Free Femme of Colour Genuis by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha.  

Quiet Areas: Due to the limited space we are permitted to use at Marygrove, we will not have a designated quiet area set up. If you are needing to find a quiet space on campus, please alert a member of our staff and someone can accompany you to seek a comfortable space either inside or outside of the buildings we will be using. 

AMC2022 x MoGo Bike Ride: MoGo was the first bikeshare organization in the U.S. to offer a line of 16 different adaptive bikes that accommodate a range of access needs. To reserve an adaptive bike, please For questions about adaptive models, please email

AMC at Night

Welcome Party, Thursday 6/30 at Detroit Distillery in Eastern Market: Eastern Market is the largest open air market in the U.S. The main stage area will be set up in front of Detroit Distillery at 2462 Riopelle Street block party style. Our friends at D.Cipher are organizing and managing this event for all of us to enjoy. 

The market’s street and sidewalk network was recently redone, meaning sidewalks are complete and connected with curb cuts making the space easy to navigate. There are 6 accessible van spaces on the corner of Winder St & Market St. This 1 block from the main event area. 4 additional accessible van spaces are located on Russell St. & Division St. about 4 blocks away from the main event area.     

Restrooms: All outdoor portable restrooms will be accessible. We have asked local businesses to open their doors and restrooms where accessible and non-accessible options will be available. Some businesses that will remain open for us will have seating for guests to rest. 

Alcohol & Smoking Policy: There will be both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options available. While Eastern Market is entirely outdoors, we ask that smokers partake away from large gathered groups. 

Friday 7/1 & Saturday 7/2 at Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD): 

MOCAD is located at 4454 Woodward Ave 48201. The entrance (step-free) is off of Garfield Street. Accessible and non-accessible parking is located in their designated lot behind the building. Metered street parking is available in the surrounding area. Payment for street parking stops at 10pm and is free on Sundays.  MOCAD has additional accessibility information on their website.  

The live performances and DJ sets at MOCAD will take place inside. Seating and rest areas will be set up for people needing a break or wishing to enjoy while seated. Please let AMC staff know if you need any supporting finding the best seat or viewing spot for you. 

Air Flow: While there is no air conditioning in the building, fans and the garage door attached to the space can provide additional airflow. 

Restrooms: There are 2 sets of gender-neutral restrooms with accessible stalls in each. Signs on doors will alert guests to what equipment will be available in each restroom. 

Alcohol & Smoking Policy: There will be both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options available. Please refrain from smoking near building entrance or the opened garage door.