Photo by: Ara Howrani

Getting Started

The first step to joining the virtual AMC is to Register.  From there, you will receive an email with all of the information you need to access and navigate Accelevents, our virtual conference platform. See the Digital Safety section for more information on privacy considerations and why we chose the Accelevents and Zoom platforms.

Looking for more details on joining AMC virtually? Check out our guide here.

Accelevents is the platform that will serve as the online home base for AMC. This is where mainstage sessions (e.g. Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Plenaries) will be livestreamed, and where sessions will take place. ALL sessions and workshops – not including mainstage sessions – will take place on Zoom this year. You can find the links to those in Accelevents as well. You can also look to Accelevents for general announcements, group channels via Lounges, opportunities for more personal connections via one-on-one messaging, as well as an Expo space with vendors, a Help Desk, and information for how to access our Safety and Accessibility Teams. You will also have the options to group and connect with other attendees in “rooms” and “spaces” that you can self-autonomously create throughout the entire conference experience.  

Ready to join? Register now for further instructions.