Three AMCers doing a shoulder stretch
Photo by Ara Howrani

The work we are doing to create the world we need takes a toll on our minds, bodies and spirits.

Now we add to that the exhaustion of living and working virtually. We don’t want the virtual AMC to put a strain on us, we have built long breaks between activities throughout the conference so we can all unplug.  We are here to rejoice, reenergize and connect, here are some tips and resources to support your self-care throughout the conference.


  • Find your comfort and embrace it. 
  • Stay hydrated. 
  • Take deep breaths and stretch when possible. 
  • Rest your eyes.
  • Have Fun!

Online Tips

  • Consider how responsive you want to be to messages and inquiries. Do you really need to respond to everyone? Do you really need to respond right away?
  • Set up auto-responders or away messages can help manage people’s expectations, and create some space for yourself
  • When using Slack, make sure that your settings feel right. For example, you may want to minimize notifications from the app.
  • Be kind to your eyes. Review your display settings, consider changing the color and brightness.  

Offline Tips

  • Catch some sun and fresh air
  • Dance to one of your favorite playlists 
  • Go for a walk and photograph a moment of beauty and use the #AMC2022 hashtag to share it.

Resources for Resilience, created by People in Education (PIE):

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