21st Allied Media Conference July 23–26 2020 virtual

Opening Ceremony

“What is a frequency that heals?” In the face of new, shifting and ongoing crises, in end times and beginning times, what are the Black, Indigenous, and queer visionary frameworks that shape current and future liberation?


Welcome Plenary with How to Survive the End of the World

Join the Brown sisters (Autumn and adrienne maree) as they learn from the apocalypse with grace, rigor and curiosity. In this special AMC edition, they will be joined by queer astrologer extraordinaire Chani Nicholas to explore the liberatory ancestral technologies of the stars.


Care for the Future Plenary

We keep each other alive. Black and Brown communities have been honing the expertise to carry our world through the crisis of this pandemic to a future rooted in care.


From Dreams to Practice: Abolition in our lifetimes

What time is it on the clock of the world? This time of triple pandemics – of police violence, coronavirus, and of unprecedented economic crisis – is calling us to put our abolition dreams into practice.


Closing Ceremony

Cultivating the seeds for our collective harvest. The Closing Ceremony invites us to ask “what are we planting and what are we harvesting” as we continue our organizing beyond the conference.


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